Feeling Nostalgic

Someone I follow on twitter posted some old drawings from sketchbooks (of which I have many of my own), but it also got me thinking about my early writing days. Around 2008-2009 when I wrote things that I never intended on sharing with anyone.

I would carry around a pocket notebook in my front shirt pocket that I had on my work shirts (convenient, right?) and during down time at work, I would write.  There’s eleven on these things. It was a lot.

It started out as a bit of fan fic which I never intend on sharing, ever. Then quickly turned to original when I decided to start writing original. In these little notebooks are a lot of some vampire story that I may eventually rewrite (I don’t dare reference these old notebooks, though. I shudder at the thought!), some of my pirate and merman story (which I actually would write out in these then got home and type up), and a couple other random story ideas from back then.

Most of this will never see the light of day, but some of it might in the form of a rewrite. I love my tiny little notebooks, their a great piece of nostalgic treasure from when I started writing! Oh, and the best part, speaking of treasure… I keep them all in a little treasure chest box.notebooks

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