Rom & Yuli release day and what’s next?

It’s been a little while!

My website is up to date so I thought I’d do a new blog post for it, as well as to commemorate Rom & Yuli’s release day, 7/27!

I (for the second time oops) apparently didn’t have the right file uploaded. It’s still the book but the formatting is a little wonky, so sorry about that! As soon as the updated version is up, I’ll post on Twitter! I’ll get the full hang of this stuff eventually haha. You can, however, get it on Gumroad as the correct format immediately! You get it in all formats, and I get more of the money!

Check Rom & Yuli out now!



And now, as for what’s next…

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen me talking about #PirateMermanWIP. While that’s its Twitter hashtag code name, the story’s actual title is Into the Deep! It’s a light-hearted pirate fantasy adventure with a sweet and steamy m/m romance, and it’s a story that’s been with me for 10 years! My goal is to have it ready for release on September 19th!

I’m super excited for this one!


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