Masks Character Playlists – Week One

As a countdown to Falcon (Masks #3), I’m going to be sharing my character playlists for the next three weeks!

A fun fact about my playlist habits is, I’m out of control. I make ridiculously long playlists filled with every song under the sun that gives me any feelings for the story whatsoever. As you can imagine, this makes for a very long, very unorganized playlist over time. Music is also one of the main things that drive my “feels” for my stories, and where I get the most inspiration. I actually measure how “strong” a story idea is based on how long the playlist is.

So since my main playlists are waaaay too long to share, I thought I’d make some more specific playlists from some of the songs on all the out of control playlists! And these are the results.

First up is… everyone’s favorite knife boy, Kaiden! I hope you’ll also enjoy this cute art by Lauren Crown! Check her out on Instagram or Twitter.

Don’t forget to pre-order Falcon! And I’m also doing a pre-order campaign HERE!

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