Masks Character Playlists – Week Three

For week three, the FINAL week, the final playlist is last but not least, Avari, the character that started it all!

Avari’s playlist was (obviously) the easiest to pull songs for, as is apparent from the length of it versus the others. Since I’ve spent the most time in Avari’s head, he’s the easiest for me to get into. It was actually hard to keep his playlist from getting too out of control…

This week’s art is a never before seen commission of Avari that I’m so excited to finally share with you all! I’m super pleased with how this one came out.

If it wasn’t obvious, the background is a demisexual flag with Avari’s wings representing the black triangle part! I came up with the idea and thought it was quite clever 😀

Art by Lauren Crown! Check her out on Instagram or Twitter.

Don’t forget to pre-order Falcon! And I’m also doing a pre-order campaign HERE! The campaign will be open until the end of this week!

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