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Moth Pit


It all starts with a hum, a thrum, a bum bah dum dum.

Every year, the ultimate moth rave takes place in the mountains of West Virginia, unbeknownst to most people. To the community of mothpeople who do know about this moth pit, it’s the best kept secret in the country.

For Erris, it’s a burden.

With expectations of finding a mate, and Erris having little interest in romance, it’s nothing but a tedious chore. Enter Sol, a friend from high school with social anxiety who also wishes for the party to be over. Between the two of them, they might just have a chance at getting their hassling parents off their wings, and as an added bonus, the local toxic pest, Ren. All they have to do is pretend to be together.

Easy enough, right? Except in spending time together, Erris and Sol realize something real might be there after all.

Moth Pit is a 15,000 word contemporary fantasy new adult novella, and features mothpeople, a nonbinary/male romance, fake dating, and a friends to lovers arc. Cryptid and mothman lovers are welcome and encouraged!

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Toil and Trouble


Welcome to Yverwood.

In this town full of magic, anything is possible. From warlocks and witches to ghosts to magical creatures, Yverwood welcomes all.

In this first vignette into the town, follow nonbinary witch, Aren, and their cat, Ji, as they enjoy the fall festivities, run their magic shop, and get up to some mischief.

What exactly is the warlock Wutherford up to? Why won’t the ghost whisper Ezra give any details? Will the shy girl get the girl?

Whatever may come, Aren will eagerly await, ready to tackle every challenge that comes their way in the meantime.

As for you, dear reader, may you find out in future volumes of Yverwood Witches.

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Flowers for Fara (Yverwood Witches, #2)

Yverwood Witches Covers

Hallie is anxious, awkward, and has a bad unrequited crush on another girl in her class, Fara.

When summer break begins and she no longer sees Fara in class anymore, Hallie is melancholy. But a chance encounter or two later, Fara is befriending Hallie, and dare Hallie think, has romantic feelings for her, too.

Summer turns to fall and all Hallie wants is to bring the flowers back so she can see Fara smile.

Follow Hallie and Fara through the seasons of awkward friendship, first love, and a little bit of magic in the second volume of Yverwood Witches.

Flowers For Fara is an 8100 word low stakes contemporary fantasy, sapphic romance novelette, and is the second in Amara Lynn’s Yverwood Witches series, but can be read and enjoyed on its own.

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Amgine (Yverwood Witches, #3)

Amgine Cover

After losing his boyfriend, Joel, in an accident, Niko moves back home to Yverwood. He’s trying to move on with his life. Except there’s just one problem.

His new apartment might be haunted.

With some help from his childhood best friend Cole, and his sibling ghost whisper, Niko might be able to move on… That is, if he can let go of the ghosts of his past and present, and focus on the future that’s right in front of him.

Amgine is an 9300 word novelette ghost story with an m/m/m love triangle. It is the third story in Amara Lynn’s Yverwood series, but can be read and enjoyed on its own.

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Company of Ghosts (Yverwood Witches, #4)

company of ghosts cover

On the infamously unlucky day of Friday the thirteenth, ghost whisper Ezra has their work cut out for them.

Enter Addison, a curious yet cute newcomer to Yverwood with a bad luck hex that is seemingly unbreakable. Between Addision’s bad luck and the unluckiest day of the year, this might be the most trying and eventful Friday the thirteenth yet. Despite Addison’s hex, he’s a welcome respite from the usual pranks calls and company of ghosts Ezra deals with daily.

They might just keep him around. They could certainly use the extra help…

Company of Ghosts is a 5000 word contemporary fantasy novellette about a nonbinary ghost exorcist and is the fourth in the Yverwood Witches series, but can be read and enjoyed on its own.

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Futures, Friends, and Other Firsts

Sallon Lee is quiet, shy, and has no friends. They have no idea what they want for their future on the space station in which they live.

But they do know one thing: they have a huge crush on Ignis. The problem is, Ignis is so cool and popular, and has no idea who Sal is.

Sal has no chance with him.

Then a chance encounter throws the two of them together, and Sal finds themself forming a fast friendship with Ignis, thinking about their future, and other firsts.

Futures, Friends, and Other Firsts is a 6100 word sci-fi, solarpunk, hopepunk novelette that takes place in the same universe as Amara Lynn’s Tundras, Travelers, and Other Travesties, but can be read and enjoyed on its own.

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Tundras, Travelers, and Other Travesties

TundrasCover copyfix

Eis has lived on a solar powered outpost in a tundra covered land all zir life.

After zir parents passing, Eis is left to maintain the outpost alone, struggling to do so between chronic pain flare ups, waiting for the day a traveler might come in need of a warm bed and a meal. A day Eis thinks might never come, until a mysterious craft crashes into one of the solar panels.

Eis never expected a traveler to come out of the craft, or for him to be so captivating and beautiful. Everything Eis knows could change with the coming of this traveler, and yet the greatest travesty would be never knowing what else is out there, beyond the tundra, beyond the skies.

Tundras, Travelers, and Other Travesties is a 5700 word solarpunk post-apocalyptic sci-fi short with a queer protagonist.

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Into the Deep


Luck has never been on Lamark’s side.

After his father’s untimely death, the new captain casts Lamark off the ship, leaving him in a dinghy in the middle of the ocean. Lamark is sure his life is over.

In a stroke of luck, Lamark encounters a merman, who saves him from drowning and brings him to a deserted island. Lamark quickly learns that on this mysterious island, not everything is as it seems, and danger lurks in every nook. This island may very well be the death of him.

Adventure, romance, and maybe some swashbuckling await Lamark, so long as he’s not too lily-livered to venture into the deep…

Into the Deep is a 45k pirate fantasy adventure novel with a heavy helping of slapstick comedy and a sweet, steamy m/m romance.

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Avari has always been a social outcast, which is just fine by him; he has superhuman abilities and hates people. But his lab partner Chayton keeps being so friendly, and Avari can’t stop staring at his alluring smile.

When he loses control of his abilities, Avari is faced with a startling revelation about himself—one that’s both thrilling and dangerous. As Avari seeks to understand Chayton, he finds himself coming out of his shell, and his connection with Chayton grows deeper.

Meanwhile, a mysterious adversary appears who may hold answers to who Avari really is. Fueled by his curiosity, Avari continues his path of destruction—but he can’t help wonder if his secrets will tear apart his shaky new bond with Chayton.

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Raven (Masks #2)


Avari Terran wants nothing more than to live as normal of a college life as possible with his boyfriend, Chayton, despite having wings and superpowers, being an ex-supervillain, and dating his former superhero rival.

His plans of flying under the radar are jeopardized when a fan of Raven threatens to reveal his identity, unless he agrees to a forced friendship, of all things. Kaiden is over-the-top, hyper, and capricious, and Avari is fed up with him and his blackmail threats from the moment they meet.

When strange monsters start appearing in the area that only him and Kaiden can see, blackmail becomes the least of Avari’s problems. These monsters seem to have their sights set on him, leaving Avari no choice but to take up his persona as Raven yet again and fight back, along with Kaiden’s help. Will his secret identity, and his relationship with Chayton survive through all this?

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Falcon (Masks #3)


Keeping his boyfriend and his identities secret, fighting demons, and nearly losing Chayton have made college life bumpy for Avari Terran so far.

All he wants now is a quiet and uneventful spring break alone with Chayton.

Between Kaiden insisting on continuing to fight the demons, and Chayton insisting on continuing to be Falcon, it doesn’t seem that’ll happen.

When three people from Chayton’s past appear, everything is thrown further into chaos. New revelations will threaten to drive Avari and Chayton apart, and neither of them knows if they’ll be able to work it out this time.

Falcon is the third installment of Amara Lynn’s Masks and is the first novel length work in the series.

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Masks: Legacy Edition


Masks: Legacy Edition includes books 1-3 of the Masks series, plus 6 shorts, 3 of which were previously only available on Patreon.

In Masks, Avari and Chayton met, became rivals, friends, and boyfriends. In Raven, Avari found out more about his past, and (begrudgingly) made a new friend. In Falcon, both Avari and Chayton have to deal with the consequences of their actions, and decide how to move forward, and if they will move forward together.

Amara Lynn’s Masks series starts off as a villain/hero m/m romance from the point of view of the villain. Over time, Avari becomes an antihero of sorts, makes friends, and opens his heart to love for the first time in both romance and friendship.

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Rom & Yuli


A war between angels and demons has left Earth desolate and ruined.

Rom struggles to support his father and sister in the patch of wasteland they’ve claimed as home. Feeling restless, Rom takes to exploring when he can, and is shocked when he stumbles across another survivor.

Years of isolation have left Yuli feeling despondent. That all changes when they encounter Rom, who is unlike anyone they’ve met before, a brilliant light of hope in this mostly extinguished world.

As Rom and Yuli grow closer, both gain a renewed hope for something more in this desolate land.

But in this dangerous world, trust comes hard and demons are never far away.

Rom and Yuli is a 15k word post-apocalyptic urban fantasy novella featuring male and non-binary protagonists and is a loose retelling of Romeo and Juliet with a hopeful ending.

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