Journey to Publication: Falcon

Check out this blog post over on Alix Marino’s site about Falcon’s journey from first draft to publication!

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I had the chance to chat with author Amara Lynn recently about their upcoming book, Falcon, third in a series. It continues the story of Avari, a monster-fighting college student with superhuman abilities, through an urban fantasy, new adult romance that has consistently received immensely positive reviews for its story, characters, and well-crafted enemies-to-lovers arc, all tied up with a neat little LGBTQ+ bow.

You can follow Amara on Twitter or Instagram, or check out their website here.

But the author’s journey toward publication is as interesting as any fiction, and they were kind enough to share a bit of that journey. Here’s what they had to say:

The story of how Falcon came to be is an interesting one. I think (haha).

In August 2017, my first book, and what would become the first in this series, Masks, was released. The whole story about how…

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Guest Post: Tundras, Travelers, and Other Travesties by Amara Lynn

It’s release day for Tundras, Travelers, and Other Travesties! Check out this guest post I wrote over on Queer Books Unbound for a little insight into the world of Tundras!

Queer Books Unbound


Eis has lived on a solar powered outpost in a tundra covered land all zir life.

After zir parents passing, Eis is left to maintain the outpost alone, struggling to do so between chronic pain flare ups, waiting for the day a traveler might come in need of a warm bed and a meal. A day Eis thinks might never come, until a mysterious craft crashes into one of the solar panels.

Eis never expected a traveler to come out of the craft, or for him to be so captivating and beautiful. Everything Eis knows could change with the coming of this traveler, and yet the greatest travesty would be never knowing what else is out there, beyond the tundra, beyond the skies.

Tundras, Travelers, and Other Travesties is a 5800 word solarpunk post-apocalyptic sci-fi short with a queer protagonist.

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