Masks Character Playlists – Week Three

For week three, the FINAL week, the final playlist is last but not least, Avari, the character that started it all!

Avari’s playlist was (obviously) the easiest to pull songs for, as is apparent from the length of it versus the others. Since I’ve spent the most time in Avari’s head, he’s the easiest for me to get into. It was actually hard to keep his playlist from getting too out of control…

This week’s art is a never before seen commission of Avari that I’m so excited to finally share with you all! I’m super pleased with how this one came out.

If it wasn’t obvious, the background is a demisexual flag with Avari’s wings representing the black triangle part! I came up with the idea and thought it was quite clever 😀

Art by Lauren Crown! Check her out on Instagram or Twitter.

Don’t forget to pre-order Falcon! And I’m also doing a pre-order campaign HERE! The campaign will be open until the end of this week!

Journey to Publication: Falcon

Check out this blog post over on Alix Marino’s site about Falcon’s journey from first draft to publication!

Alix Marino Writes

I had the chance to chat with author Amara Lynn recently about their upcoming book, Falcon, third in a series. It continues the story of Avari, a monster-fighting college student with superhuman abilities, through an urban fantasy, new adult romance that has consistently received immensely positive reviews for its story, characters, and well-crafted enemies-to-lovers arc, all tied up with a neat little LGBTQ+ bow.

You can follow Amara on Twitter or Instagram, or check out their website here.

But the author’s journey toward publication is as interesting as any fiction, and they were kind enough to share a bit of that journey. Here’s what they had to say:

The story of how Falcon came to be is an interesting one. I think (haha).

In August 2017, my first book, and what would become the first in this series, Masks, was released. The whole story about how…

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Masks Character Playlists – Week Two

For week two (one more week until MASKS ahhh), the playlist is for your favorite sunshine love interest boy, none other than Chayton!

Putting together Chayton’s playlist was interesting, and fun, and a couple years ago, I never would have thought I could convey Chay’s feelings through more than a few songs, but here we are! There are some big surprises and revelations involving Chayton in FALCON that I won’t tell here. You’ll just have to read it to find out!

This week’s art is of course, also of Chayton, in all his precious cinnamon roll glory.

Art by Lauren Crown! Check her out on Instagram or Twitter.

Don’t forget to pre-order Falcon! And I’m also doing a pre-order campaign HERE!

Masks Character Playlists – Week One

As a countdown to Falcon (Masks #3), I’m going to be sharing my character playlists for the next three weeks!

A fun fact about my playlist habits is, I’m out of control. I make ridiculously long playlists filled with every song under the sun that gives me any feelings for the story whatsoever. As you can imagine, this makes for a very long, very unorganized playlist over time. Music is also one of the main things that drive my “feels” for my stories, and where I get the most inspiration. I actually measure how “strong” a story idea is based on how long the playlist is.

So since my main playlists are waaaay too long to share, I thought I’d make some more specific playlists from some of the songs on all the out of control playlists! And these are the results.

First up is… everyone’s favorite knife boy, Kaiden! I hope you’ll also enjoy this cute art by Lauren Crown! Check her out on Instagram or Twitter.

Don’t forget to pre-order Falcon! And I’m also doing a pre-order campaign HERE!

Falcon Cover Reveal + Goodreads Adds!

The Falcon cover reveal is HERE! Falcon is also now addable on Goodreads!

As some of you may know, I’ve been revising/rewriting Falcon since early this year after my most recent rewrite during 2019’s NaNoWriMo. It’s still in that process, which has been long and drawn out partly because screw 2020, am I right?

In an attempt to generate some excitement and add a fun little bit of joy, I’m going ahead with the cover reveal and adding it to Goodreads! No solid release date yet, but trust me, this one will be worth the wait.

If you haven’t read the first two, I’ve marked them down for the next two weeks! Masks #1 will be .99 cents, and Raven (Masks #2) will be $1.99! Be sure to pick ’em up so you can dive in! The first two are novella length so are quick reads!

If you’re looking for more, I have two FREE shorts, as well as a slightly steamy Valentine’s short which is also marked down to FREE! If you STILL want more, I have even more shorts on my Patreon!

And now, here’s the blurb, and the cover for Falcon (Masks #3)!

Keeping his boyfriend and his identities secret, fighting demons, and nearly losing Chayton have made college life bumpy for Avari Terran so far.

All he wants now is a quiet and uneventful spring break alone with Chayton.

Between Kaiden insisting on continuing to fight the demons, and Chayton insisting on continuing to be Falcon, it doesn’t seem that’ll happen.

When three people from Chayton’s past appear, everything is thrown further into chaos. New revelations will threaten to drive Avari and Chayton apart, and neither of them knows if they’ll be able to work it out this time.

Falcon is the third installment of Amara Lynn’s Masks and is the first novel length work in the series.

Add on Goodreads now!

Guest Post: Tundras, Travelers, and Other Travesties by Amara Lynn

It’s release day for Tundras, Travelers, and Other Travesties! Check out this guest post I wrote over on Queer Books Unbound for a little insight into the world of Tundras!

Queer Books Unbound


Eis has lived on a solar powered outpost in a tundra covered land all zir life.

After zir parents passing, Eis is left to maintain the outpost alone, struggling to do so between chronic pain flare ups, waiting for the day a traveler might come in need of a warm bed and a meal. A day Eis thinks might never come, until a mysterious craft crashes into one of the solar panels.

Eis never expected a traveler to come out of the craft, or for him to be so captivating and beautiful. Everything Eis knows could change with the coming of this traveler, and yet the greatest travesty would be never knowing what else is out there, beyond the tundra, beyond the skies.

Tundras, Travelers, and Other Travesties is a 5800 word solarpunk post-apocalyptic sci-fi short with a queer protagonist.

Amazon | B&N | Books2read | Gumroad | Goodreads

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Goals Update

It’s been awhile since I made a post on my author blog, so it’s long overdue.

Today, I’m taking down the 2018 goals list I made in January from my wall.

I’m not admitting defeat, I’m simply recognizing that I am not able to do the things I wanted to be able to do when I made that list, because whether I like it or not, I don’t feel good enough to write or work on my stories as much as I want to.

I think it’s important to have goals, and I don’t intend on giving up, so I’m going to change my goals based on what I feel I am capable of doing.

With that said, here are my new goals:

-Complete Masks parts 2 & 3 drafts by the end of May

-In May, resume working on my draft of Into the Deep and plotting my post-apoc short story.

-Have post-apoc short ready by end of July

Some other, tentative/hopeful goals:

-Submit Into the Deep somewhere by July

-Self-pub my fairy tale retelling, Leo, possibly in June.