Rom & Yuli release day and what’s next?

It’s been a little while!

My website is up to date so I thought I’d do a new blog post for it, as well as to commemorate Rom & Yuli’s release day, 7/27!

I (for the second time oops) apparently didn’t have the right file uploaded. It’s still the book but the formatting is a little wonky, so sorry about that! As soon as the updated version is up, I’ll post on Twitter! I’ll get the full hang of this stuff eventually haha. You can, however, get it on Gumroad as the correct format immediately! You get it in all formats, and I get more of the money!

Check Rom & Yuli out now!



And now, as for what’s next…

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen me talking about #PirateMermanWIP. While that’s its Twitter hashtag code name, the story’s actual title is Into the Deep! It’s a light-hearted pirate fantasy adventure with a sweet and steamy m/m romance, and it’s a story that’s been with me for 10 years! My goal is to have it ready for release on September 19th!

I’m super excited for this one!


Patreon Launch, #LGBTQwrimo Camp edition!

This month, I have a few things on my agenda!
If you’re here, you probably know me from the Twitterverse and know about #LGBTQwrimo. Originally started by me November 2018 for NaNoWriMo as a way to connect more queer writers together during that month, #LGBTQwrimo is back for another round, this time for Camp NaNoWriMo! Even if you aren’t participating in camp, I hope you’ll join in the hashtag! Feel free to answer as few, as many, or all the question, pop in and out, whatever works for you. Be sure to check out #LGBTQwrimo over on Twitter! We’re also doing a mini Instagram version!


In addition to hosting #LGBTQwrimo, I’m of course participating in Camp NaNo, and while at first I contemplated starting a new project, I’ve decided to pick back up my #PirateMermanWIP that I’ve been working on what I hope will be the final rewrite of. This story is very important to me. It’s ten years old this year, and has gone through many renditions and had numerous sources of inspiration over the years. I want this to be the year this story sees the light of day, and so, that’s why I decided I need to get back to working on it!

My other goals for this month include releasing a cozy solarpunk short, and Raven aka MASKS book two! I’d originally wanted to do a March release, but ended up putting that off. I’m really hoping I can make it happen this month!

Patreon launch! So, I’m hopping on the Patreon bandwagon like many, after the news of their changes. Even though I just have one tier right now, I thought why not share it? For $1 per month, you will receive a special post of yours truly rambling about how my month went, as well as exclusive snips from my WIPs! As I start to grow this platform, I will try to add more tiers. Check out my Patreon now!

2019: Year of the Self Pub!

Okay, maybe I should write up a new blog post since there’s not been one since May….

In 2018, I wrote a lot of things, but had no acceptances (aside from signing the contract for Raven – Masks #2, which should be out this year!).

In 2019, after a few discussions with friends, I’ve decided 2019 is my year… My year to go self pub!

I want to get my stories out in the world!

While I’m not going to be setting specific goals for myself except on a project by project basis, because I often have days where I don’t feel good enough to be productive, I have the following things I would like to self publish this year:

Rom and Yuli – post apoc angels and demons, m/enby romance

Leo – Pinocchio retelling, m/enby

Masks Series – Part 3 and 4 of Masks, my m/m villain/hero urban fantasy romance series


Wish me luck on this new chapter of my journey!

My 2017 So Far

I guess I should use my blog to, you know, update people on things I’m doing at length. I talk a bit about things on Twitter here and there but it’d be nice to put it all in one place.

So, if you follow my Twitter you may know I haven’t been able to write that much. I’ll keep that vague for reasons I’m not comfortable with fulling discussing but basically I don’t usually feel very good at all, I’ve been trying a couple things and had a major procedure I’m hoping will help, but I’m still having some issues. They may or may not go away with time, so I’m basically going to be trying to make healthier choices in the meantime in hopes that it’ll help me somewhat too.

Long story short: I don’t feel good many days and haven’t been able to write like, at all.

Over the past year, I’ve feel like I’ve accomplished a lot, but with little fruits of labor to show for it. The major thing of course was I released my first novella with LT3. This story was submitted in 2016. BUT, in April 2017 after receiving my edits back from them, I had to rewrite it. So yes, I wrote it twice, once in 2016 and once in 2017. I wrote a 20k novella in four weeks and met my deadline, which I think is my biggest accomplishment and the most I’ve ever written in that period of time. What I wrote in 2017 is what became the Masks that was released for your reading pleasure in August.

When I set out to do that it seemed impossible, and I did it. By accomplishing that, I felt like I could really do this whole writer thing. If you want to know more about what happened with Masks, refer to my blog post with the outrageously long title, here.

In April I also wrote a short, steamy pirate smut piece for a collection call and submitted it.

Right around the time I received my first edits for Masks, I was working on what I wanted to be my next project, a story I’ve been writing on and off since 2009 about a pirate and a merman. It’s one of the first stories I started, and I completed a very rough draft of it in 2016 as well. Once all the final edits with Masks were out of the way, I resumed rewriting that story. Mostly.

One of the other things I worked on during the summer was an unplanned project for a collection call of LBGTQIA+ fairy tale retellings. For that, I wrote a piece called Leo, a retelling of Pinocchio. That story ended up being about 16k and was submitted in September.

In September I also finished the second draft of my pirate and merman story, with a push from a friend who challenged me to get the last five chapters rewritten (bragging rights 5eva!). Of course, even the second draft is still rough. I learned a lot from my edits on Masks and have some major work to do on the beginning half again.

Around September I also started daydreaming about a continuation of Masks, which I’d had potential ideas for long before it was even accepted by LT3. I’m still getting ideas for it regularly and I’ve decided I’d like it to be a three part novella series.

It was also right around this time that I started kind of giving out, or rather, giving in to, how crappy I always feel. So, I’ve been slacking off. I haven’t done much more along of the lines of a third draft for my pirate merman story, and I haven’t done anything but daydream about Masks material.

So, what happened to pirate smut and Leo? Well, both of them were not accepted by the respective places that I submitted them to. I was really hopeful that Leo would be, and that I’d be able to say I had two things published in 2017, but it didn’t happen. Pirate smut I’m not super surprised about, but I’m glad it’s done.

Looking to the future, for now Leo will sit until I find another queer fair tale call. It’s a completed draft ready to go. No plans for the pirate smut at the moment (it’s really corny, trust me).

My original goals were to get both my pirate and merman story and the rest of my Masks novellas ready to submit by the end of the year. So, since I’ll be writing in November anyways, I’m going to be working on Masks for NaNoWriMo! If I don’t meet word count with that I’ll also me drafting some new material for my pirate and merman story, and I’ve got a few ideas for a spin-off sequel story for character from Leo.

I might be failing miserably at this but I figure I might as well take advantage and use NaNo for some added motivation to actually accomplish my goals, because while I might not have been able to get anything else out there in 2017, I really don’t want the same to be said for 2018.

Feel free to add me as a buddy on the NaNo website and I’ll add you back, and hit me up on Twitter during NaNo month too if you like!

So, what is everyone else working on this November? Let me know in the comments!

Masks Release Day!

I’m so excited for it to finally be release day for Masks! It’s been a long long journey from start to finish, which I plan on talking about in a blog post very soon!

For now, I hope people enjoy Masks! It’s got villains/heroes, a grumpy MC and niceguy love interest, and lots of eating of burritos and waffles!

And you can get it at LT3 or wherever you like to buy books!

LT3 Store: 


Up and Down, Good and Bad

It’s been and up and down past couple weeks for me. I’m sure people don’t want to come here to hear all about that. I try not to make a point of blabbering about my problems. It’s mostly personal stuff.

Here’s the good stuff that happened:

First off, Masks is officially ready for it’s release on 8/23! So yay for that!! Closer to release, I’ll be making a blog post at length about Masks.

The submission call I plan on submitting Leo to has been extended. So now I plan on sitting on Leo for a while (about a month) then returning to do another round of revisions on it before I send it off!

In the meantime, I took a little break this week from writing things, and now I’m planning on going back to writing my pirate/merman story. My goal is to have a final draft of that complete before the end of the year.

Writing Goals For This Week

My goal was to post new blogs posts like every weekend, Sunday or something. But again on Sunday I couldn’t think of anything to say. I still can’t really. (I’m really going to have to work on that)

BUT, I figured here would be a good place to talk about my goals for this week at length.

While I haven’t really been having a great week, due to feeling yuck, I’m sure people don’t want to come here to listen to me whine about that. So I’m not going to.

My goal for this week is to finish getting Leo ready to submit to the fairy tale collection call at Nine Star Press. I was hoping I’d be further along, but again, been feeling icky. I have to add some words to the last scene, then another run through of the whole thing, and then formatting it (which means taking out all my double spaces and adding indents blehh. I at least know a shortcut for the indents.)

I hope everyone is doing better than I am this week and good luck on your goals if you have any!




The Week So Far

I totally thought of something nifty for myself to talk about on Sunday, then forgot it and couldn’t (and still don’t) remember it.

So instead, I’m going to talk a little about my week so far. I’m not doing great, actually. Still dealing with minor health issues and having some mood swings which has been ruining my evening. I feel okay right now.

Upside, I have officially finished the draft of my short story, Leo! I’ve gotten some feedback and will be working on revisions over the next week. Hopefully the week gets better so I can get a lot done!

Also over the weekend, I got copy edits back for Masks (eep!) and it wasn’t a trainwreck like the first time.

Here’s hoping the rest of the week is better. I’m going to try to force the negative energy out!