Masks Character Playlists – Week Two

For week two (one more week until MASKS ahhh), the playlist is for your favorite sunshine love interest boy, none other than Chayton!

Putting together Chayton’s playlist was interesting, and fun, and a couple years ago, I never would have thought I could convey Chay’s feelings through more than a few songs, but here we are! There are some big surprises and revelations involving Chayton in FALCON that I won’t tell here. You’ll just have to read it to find out!

This week’s art is of course, also of Chayton, in all his precious cinnamon roll glory.

Art by Lauren Crown! Check her out on Instagram or Twitter.

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Masks Character Playlists – Week One

As a countdown to Falcon (Masks #3), I’m going to be sharing my character playlists for the next three weeks!

A fun fact about my playlist habits is, I’m out of control. I make ridiculously long playlists filled with every song under the sun that gives me any feelings for the story whatsoever. As you can imagine, this makes for a very long, very unorganized playlist over time. Music is also one of the main things that drive my “feels” for my stories, and where I get the most inspiration. I actually measure how “strong” a story idea is based on how long the playlist is.

So since my main playlists are waaaay too long to share, I thought I’d make some more specific playlists from some of the songs on all the out of control playlists! And these are the results.

First up is… everyone’s favorite knife boy, Kaiden! I hope you’ll also enjoy this cute art by Lauren Crown! Check her out on Instagram or Twitter.

Don’t forget to pre-order Falcon! And I’m also doing a pre-order campaign HERE!

Patreon Launch, #LGBTQwrimo Camp edition!

This month, I have a few things on my agenda!
If you’re here, you probably know me from the Twitterverse and know about #LGBTQwrimo. Originally started by me November 2018 for NaNoWriMo as a way to connect more queer writers together during that month, #LGBTQwrimo is back for another round, this time for Camp NaNoWriMo! Even if you aren’t participating in camp, I hope you’ll join in the hashtag! Feel free to answer as few, as many, or all the question, pop in and out, whatever works for you. Be sure to check out #LGBTQwrimo over on Twitter! We’re also doing a mini Instagram version!


In addition to hosting #LGBTQwrimo, I’m of course participating in Camp NaNo, and while at first I contemplated starting a new project, I’ve decided to pick back up my #PirateMermanWIP that I’ve been working on what I hope will be the final rewrite of. This story is very important to me. It’s ten years old this year, and has gone through many renditions and had numerous sources of inspiration over the years. I want this to be the year this story sees the light of day, and so, that’s why I decided I need to get back to working on it!

My other goals for this month include releasing a cozy solarpunk short, and Raven aka MASKS book two! I’d originally wanted to do a March release, but ended up putting that off. I’m really hoping I can make it happen this month!

Patreon launch! So, I’m hopping on the Patreon bandwagon like many, after the news of their changes. Even though I just have one tier right now, I thought why not share it? For $1 per month, you will receive a special post of yours truly rambling about how my month went, as well as exclusive snips from my WIPs! As I start to grow this platform, I will try to add more tiers. Check out my Patreon now!