2019: Year of the Self Pub!

Okay, maybe I should write up a new blog post since there’s not been one since May….

In 2018, I wrote a lot of things, but had no acceptances (aside from signing the contract for Raven – Masks #2, which should be out this year!).

In 2019, after a few discussions with friends, I’ve decided 2019 is my year… My year to go self pub!

I want to get my stories out in the world!

While I’m not going to be setting specific goals for myself except on a project by project basis, because I often have days where I don’t feel good enough to be productive, I have the following things I would like to self publish this year:

Rom and Yuli – post apoc angels and demons, m/enby romance

Leo – Pinocchio retelling, m/enby

Masks Series – Part 3 and 4 of Masks, my m/m villain/hero urban fantasy romance series


Wish me luck on this new chapter of my journey!

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